Calixte Duguay - Musical Louis Mailloux
Calixte Duguay
Musical Louis Mailloux

Price per CD: 17.55$ (Can)
Release: 2000-01-01
Prologue 1:19
Ouverture, Danse, Quand t'es mal pris 18:36
Pourquoi c'est faire 3:22
Quand t'es mal pris 22:27
Chanson de Catherine 4:55
La cave de d'hors 4:41
La complainte du neyé 3:29
La vie d'une femme 4:05
On a bâti nos maisons 5:27
Prière du matin 4:11
Chanson à boire 3:00
Le peur-en-tchu 2:18
Mourir pour vivre 3:44
Le rêve de Jeanne 5:06
Ballade de Louis Mailloux 4:25
Quand t'es mal pris 2

La vie d'une femme

This is the soundtrack of the musical comedy " Louis Mailloux". Louis Mailloux , symbol of the Acadian rebels, was a young man who was murdered at the Acadian Peninsula riots. The Acadians demanded the right to be educated in French. Tired of being treated as second-class citizen, they marched down the streets to let the government know their point of vu. "Louis Mailloux" was presented many times in the peninsula and also at the Congres Mondial Acadiens in 1994. This album includes many famous artists such as Marie-Jo Therio, Pierre Robichaud and many others.
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