Cayouche - Last Call
Last Call

Price per CD: 17.55$ (Can)
Release: 2000-01-01
Mon bicycle, ma musique (3:04)
Au camp (3:59)
Une place au chaud (4:05)
L'Auberge du Quai de l'Horloge (4:23)
La 6 49 (4:04)
Pills à nerfs (6:01)
Red Haired Boy (instrumental) (2:34)
Pas d'icitte, pas d'ailleurs (3:23)
Grand-Père Jos (3:55)
Le frigidaire de mon chum (5:03)
Le blues à Cay (4:09)
Viens faire un tour (4:45)
Laurie (3:00)
Last Call (3:00)

Toune d'Extra
À quarante 12 (3:35)
La 6 49

Last Call

Cayouche is a phenomenon. He met his first fans in snowmobile clubs, sugarhouses and bootleggers.

His first album, Un vieux hippy, was extremely successful and made him a reluctant star in Acadia. Two other albums, Moitié-Moitié in 1996 and Roule, roule in 1999, each sold more than 25,000 copies. After more than 300 shows, he appeared in Pour l'amour du country, L'Écuyer, and En spectacle au Festival acadien, among other programs, and was also the subject of a news story for the program Enjeux at Société Radio-Canada.

Cayouche is proud to be unconventional, which is sure to cause some controversies. Not everybody likes his sometime harsh language, his hobo-like appearance, his straightforwardness and his strong taste for Alpine (local beer). Cayouche is loyal to himself and his fans. Produced at the Studio Bélivo, his fourth album, entitled Last Call, is his most refined product yet. Cayouche has gathered some of the best Acadian musicians, under the expert direction of Marc Beaulieu. His fans will be glad to find his loyal partners, like Martin Melanson on the contrabass and Johnny Comeau on the fiddle and mandolin, as well as chorus singers Martine Daigle and Solange Campagne. A new member has joined the group: Daniel Maillet on the dobro and banjo.
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