chuck et albert - énergie
chuck et albert

Price per CD: 17.55$ (Can)
Release: 2009-11-10

1. Chavire-toi pas / Keep your cool
2. Danse le caoutchouc / Dance like rubber
3. Dans la ville d'Egmont-Baie / In the village of Egmont Bay
4. Set à mon père / My father's tunes
5. À la claire fontaine / By the clear fountain
6. Le retour de l'amant / The lover's return
7. Moi et mes frères / Me and my brothers
8. Il était une bergère / There was once a shepherdess
9. Pâté chinois / Shepherd's pie
10. En dévirant le coin d'la rue / While turning the corner
11. La fièvre / The fever
12. C'était un p'tit bonhomme / There once was a little man
13. Set du pigeon / The pigeon set

Danse le caoutchouc

À la claire fontaine

Don't let the step-dancing slapstick and high-spirited comedy fool you. Prince Edward Island's preeminent light-hearted musicians Chuck & Albert Arsenault are serious-and seriously committed to the Francophone communities of the island they love. The dynamic and internationally successful touring duo draws on centuries of Acadian laughter and tears on their debut CD, énergie, a quirky virtual tour of a land and people who fought difficulty and despair with a biting wit that still resounds today at kitchen parties and on old field recordings.

Multi-instrumentalists, fluently bilingual and consummate showmen, Chuck & Albert are no strangers to the art of entertainment. Drawing on centuries of Acadian laughter and tears, using whatever is on hand- the tapping of feet, a pair of spoons, or a suitcase as a kick drum, anything to reflect the generations of hardship, joie de vivre and resourcefulness native to the Acadians. "We've always used music to approach everything we do, even our comedy and dance numbers," Chuck reflects. "It creates context, the right mood. We do what we know best, the great stuff from the PEI repertoire, and we feel it very deeply."

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